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May 2012



The brow kit that has EVERYTHING! -Anastasia – 6pcs Brown Kit Review and Swatches

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The brow kit that has EVERYTHING! -Anastasia - 6pcs Brown Kit Review and Swatches (7)
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Price: $75

Where to Buy: Online or in store at http://anastasia.net

Pros: Compact, Portable, handy, easy to use

Cons: There is not cover for the brush and spooley

Packaging: All of the products come in a cute zip up soft maroon colored case. Brow Kit comes with 5 eyebrow stencils, tweezers, eye brow gel, highlighter, a compact of the brow powder in 2 shades, and a double sided brush featuring an angled brush with a spooley. The Kit comes in 4 shades. Choose according to hair color. Kit featured in picture is Medium Brown.

Review: This kit is an all in one brown grooming kit. This really has everything you to take care of your brows. I find this kit to be mind blowing. For the price of the kit and when you look up the single prices of each item you really cannot beat it. The retail value is $141 and you only get it for 75 bucks. WHAT!!!!! Anywho… The first thing I tried out of this kit was the brow gel. Holy moly… AMAZING. This gel is clear and a smooth consistency. When it dries it does not leave any white flakes. The tweezers are angled and sharp and really grab all the hairs with out you having to work really hard. They are not your typical tweezers that come in the kit that are just there for looks. There are also 5 stencils that come in the kit. They are super easy to use, bendable, and really helps with the guide of where your brows should start and stop. The stencils are in a wide variety of shapes and styles. I really like how you can go from a full brow to a petite arch all in one kit. The highlighter is soft and creamy light pink non-shimmery color. You can use it under the arch of your brow for an instant highlight or even in the inner corner of your eyes to brighten and refresh any look. The main focus of the kit is the brow color. This color was to light for more but I do own the Anastasia brow express kit for brunettes and the brow powder is the same. They go on and stay one. The powder is not too powdery and you can easily use it and not feel like you are making a mess. The compact comes with mirror for quick touch up or for on the go. The very last thing in this kit is the applicator. This is an angled brush/ spooley duo. I feel that both of them are necessary for the application of the products. They are both good quality applicator. The only thing is that I would prefer to have a cap on the spooley so it does not poke a whole in the lining of the pouch.

Overall: If you are in the market for a good quality brow kit, I feel that is the one for you. I love the shade ranges. I feel when you have a more choices than just blonde or brunette you can cover a wide range of hair colors. Other than not having a cap on the applicator this is so worth the money. I feel that you get a lot of bang for your buck. ENJOY!

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