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May 2012



Polish your skin… with Clarisonic Refining Skin Polish

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Price: $25 for 6oz

Where to Buy: http://www.clarisonic.com

Pros: Super Soft, Great for sensitive skin, and the beads are not harsh or rough.

Cons: can be hard to get off skin

Packaging: It is a squeeze tube. The product is a yellowish liquid that is pearlized. It looks like there is a shimmer to it but there really is not. Product size shown in picture is 2 oz.

Review: When I used this Polish the state of my skin was horrible. I had dry flaky patches on my skin. GROSSSS! Lol I was super amazing what this skin polish did. It really felt luxurious. It smelled amazing. It smells like a spa. When I put it on my skin I instantly felt the dead skin come off my face. It did not hurt or feel weird. It felt like I was rubbing salt on my skin. The bead granules are so small but not small enough to get stuck in your pores. Jojoba beans are really good for your skin. It did not feel harsh like some face scrubs and afterwards I really felt like my skin was refreshed and cleaned and ready for the day. I felt my skin was also brighter in clarity. The face polish did not leave my skin feeling dry. There was a smooth texture to it. I also like the way my skin looked after a few days. A good thing to know that with the smaller scrubbing beads you need to make sure you rinse your face after to insure that you get all of the polish and dead skin off your face.

Overall: If you could get your hands on this… Get it! I feel that this beats some of the higher end skin polishes out there. Just remember you do not need to have a Clarisonic to use this product.

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