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May 2012



Out the Door Northern Lights Top Coat Review and Swatches

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Can You Turn Any Polish Into A Holo/Holographic?

Price: $6.59

Where to Buy:  Sally Beauty Supply


  • can be used with any polish
  • no special instructions (LED light, etc)
  • same dry time, same formula as Out the Door


  • at least 2 coats to see any real effect (but coats dry in 45 sec)
  • scattered effect, at the end of the day, it’s just a sparkly topcoat


Northern Lights is a big bottle of polish. If you’re browsing in-store, keep in mind this polish settles over time so you may overlook this one because all the holo particles settle at the bottom of the bottle. The brush is a standard brush. Semi-long, not paddled, nothing wide.

(how it looks on the shelf)

(once you shake it a bit)

(fully mixed, the full effect!)



I think this polish is an easy way to diversify your current collection. Have you wanted OPI My Private Jet forever but keep finding duds or worse, finding nothing? Throw this over a similar base tone, “Wooden Shoe Like To Know?” from the OPI Holland collection or Essie Mink Muffs and you’ve got a similar idea. Yeah, yeah, yeah, it’s not 100% but how close were you without this option?

My favorite polish of all time is Butter London’s All Hail the Queen (a tan holo) and thought, “If I love that tan holo so much, maybe I’d like other nude holos or pinks, peaches and other work appropriate shades…” so I decided to try this out.

I love this topcoat! It’s glossy, it dries quickly, I don’t see any effect as far as shrinkage on the nail. It’s a great topcoat. The topcoat is not the same thing as having a holo polish in a similar tone but it’s a good effect and I really like it. I think if you’re looking really closely, you’ll see the top coat is just sitting on the polish. But for the average user, this is a nice way to “make” a subtle “holo” out of nothing.

A few things I’d still like to try with Northern Lights:

1. Try mixing it with the polish so that the sparkles are running through every layer of the polish, not just as a topcoat.

2. Using it over a chrome look polish like Sally Hansen Chrome Nail Makeup with a bunch of layers.

Overall, if you start getting embarrassed about the amount of polish you have (like me) or you’re just starting out and want to get more looks with fewer bottles of polish, this is a short-cut and a sneaky way to add some variety without breaking the bank or needing another storage method!

(BB Couture in Fatal Attraction with 3 coats of Northern Lights)


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