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May 2012



Mario Badescu Walnut Body Lotion Review

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Mario Badescu Walnut Body Lotion Review (1)
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The Mario Badescu Website states that their Walnut Body Lotion is, “A deliciously scented, luxuriously rich and creamy body lotion formulated to help moisturize rough, dry skin. Walnut Oil keeps the moisture levels at a maximum all day and night.”

I think this is a pretty accurate statement for this lotion.  My first impressions of this lotion was the amazing smell.  It reminded me of home and cooking.  The best part for me is that the scent stays on for a very long time. But I am getting ahead of myself.


 To start off the packaging is excellent and one of my favorites out there.  I love that it is in a bottle that has a nozzle for an opening so you just squeeze it out.  That is way better for me then a pump or jar.

The lotions smells of walnuts and is an intricate part of the lotion without being too overwhelming and the consistency really nice too.  I can see the richness they refer to when it comes to this lotion.  It felt thick but creamy and smoothed into my skin evenly and very nicely.  My skin stayed moisturized for a good part of the day.

Overall I feel that this is an excellent moisturizer and well worth the money, especially for someone with sensitive skin like me.

You can purchase this at Ulta. Retail $10-22


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