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May 2012



L’oreal One Sweep Shadow in 308 Smokey Review and Swatches

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Man, what a surprise! I expected this to be a total gimmick. However, even though it’s not perfect, it’s forgiving and it’s a pretty decent shadow.


Price: $8-9 or so. Keep an eye out for coupons or sales!

Where To Buy: Wherever L’oreal is sold.


  • inexpensive
  • finally, an applicator I’ll use!
  • universally -flattering colors


  • seemed like a total gimmick
  • L’oreal tests on animals


This little eyeshadow/palette thing (I’m not even sure what to call it?) is pretty sleek for what it contains. It has a mirror, an applicator and three shades of shadow all contained in about 2″x2″. I like the packaging. I like that you can see the colors through the window and that there’s a mirror.



Honestly, I laughed when I saw this in magazines a few months back. I thought it was so dumb. And honestly, I was kind of excited to trash this product as the gimmicky junk overcharge that I predicted it would be, when I received it for review. I hardly ever hate products but I was prepared to hate this one.

Never in a million years did I imagine I’d have to eat my words! I tried this product out without a primer, to mirror a common consumer’s experience. The product is meant to mimick a smoky eye without blending or even using more than one brush. It shouldn’t work! But it does! I can’t believe it, but it does. The shadows glide on smoothly, no chalk or fallout. They don’t look stupid or blocky, the engineers did a great job selecting colors that sort of fade into one another. And without a primer, I still wore these to work with no complaints. The brush was a little weird because you had to have some common sense about which way it should face to apply to each eye (and I was a little too dumb to work it at first) but once I understood the idea (it comes with instructions!) I had great results. I admit that a little begrudgingly! But it was honestly great.

Overall, if I found a good sale on these (BOGO1/2? A coupon? Register loyalty cash back?), I’d pick up another color scheme. I don’t want to admit it, L’oreal but you did a great job with these little palettes!





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