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May 2012



DIY Ombre Caviar Nails Tutorial (Easy and On the Cheap)

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I am so excited to share with you this tutorial. I was pleasantly pleased with how pretty the “caviar” style is with the ombre effect. I haven’t been a fan of the rainbow dots … I bet that will change if I pick out the colors to sprinkle. I am sure many of you guys have seen the little beads at Sephora for $25.  I am not really an anal person but I really prefer using a toothpick to move the beads around to arrange it so if you are like me.. just get a toothpick and move the beads to fill in any gaps. You can also fill in the gaps with beads if you lose some during the course of the manicure

On with the super cute nail tutorial!

Who is going to try this?

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Products Used:

  • Zoya Base Coat
  • Loreal Pink Polish
  • Resin (you can use nail glue but I like resin)
  • Beads
  • Top Coat

If you have extra beads at the end and used Resin.. just file the beads down to make it flat. It shouldn’t budge or move.

Look at this… doesn’t budge after all these days. The only thing that changed was the bottom bead closest to the cuticle faded. Happens when I shower I guess LOL

Bonus Nail Tutorial

The dominatrix style is very runway.  It won’t last as long as the ombre one because they don’t have each other for support. Since the beads are so spaced apart it may snag with daily use. I personally picked at them because it felt strange on my nails.


  • Use an orange stick or toothpick to maneuver the nail beads around
  • Let the base and color coat dry before adding beads
  • Resin is like nail glue. So this is strong stuff. Treat it like nail glue.
  • To remove soak nail in polish remover. I like to use a soaked cotton ball wrapped in foil. Felt works too!
  • Make sure the beads are flat. Don’t let them dry on top of another. That will ruin the look and bug you since it will be too textured 😀


  • What does it feel like on my nails?
    Full on beads will fill like you have a fake nail on. It is 3D so if you do all your nails it can feel bothersome.
  • Do you recommend it on all nails or just a few?
    I recommend just an accent nail first. You want to see how your nails will react to the beads and resin.
  • Where can I buy Resin and how much?
    Resin can be found at Sally’s Beauty Supply or any nail supply store.
  • Will a top coat work?
    I don’t personally recommend it. It will last about a few hours and then start to fall off. Now this really depends on your top coat but I don’t recommend it.  It will look like a sticker.. like this pic 😀

Happy Nail Playing!!

Elessa 😀


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