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May 2012



♥ Brushes from qosmedix.com review :)

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eye shadow/glitter brush ($1.50 each)
 bent eyeliner brush ($1.25 each) foundation brush ($2.29 each) angled brow brush ($1.25 each)

 mineral powder brush ($2.65 each)

Hey Everyone! I have come across a great company that has great products & brushes, as well as applicators & containers… AND much more. Check out the website & look around! If you are an aspiring make-up artist, or a working make-up artist, this is a good site to order from. I don’t think you’ll be disappointed.

Overall, I have tried them all out. I am only disappointed in one of the  brushes, the angled brow brush. I feel like it is so harsh & scratchy, good thing it’s only for the brows. You can purchase so many things on this site. Take a break, & go look through the site.


brushes from qosmedix.com
Price each brush varies, but they are all affordable!
Availability http://www.qosmedix.com/default.aspx
Foundation Brush Bamboo Made Handle (yellow handle)  $2.29 each
Bent Eyeliner Brush Bamboo Made Handle (yellow handle)  $1.25 each
Eye Shadow/Glitter Brush Silicone/Wood (black handle)              $1.50 each
Mineral Powder Brush Goat Hair (black handle)                     $2.65 each
Angled Brow Brush Boar & Badger Hair (black handle)       $1.25 each

Extremely Affordable Brushes Currently only available online
A wide variety of brushes to choose from Angled Brow Brush was very harsh, I don’t recommend it
 I hope this review was helpful & have a wonderful day!xoxo, 

Maria Somo


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