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Hey Guys!!
So yesterday I was asked to speak at a Beauty Event and it was a lot of fun.  It was a lot of fun meeting everyone in the class. It really made me miss our O2B2 classes from last year. Koren and I took a break from it because we had so much on our plates.

Here is a fun pic of yesterday’s class.

Doesn’t everyone look great? I miss everyone already<3

Remember… follow your dreams and you can make it happen!!!

xoxo Elessa

haha our true colors 😀

**Not affiliated with this event. I was a guest speaker**

WE are thinking of doing this in August again!!!


I did some more research online and wanted to put this out there for those who did go to the Hollywood Event.  This event was huge and seemed pretty legit as it was at the Sheraton Hotel and so many things were in place. Not to mention some pretty big names in the industry teaching. It didn’t even hit me that it could be a scam. I was reading a lot of it from here.
I just want to say that I was not aware of the details for this Hollywood event except that I was to do a class on social media. I was asked to do this a few months back and have no affiliation with the company Hollywood Beauty Event. My class started at 2PM and I arrived around 1PM to set up. I heard some rumors and information from attendees and had a feeling I was going to be scammed into teaching my class but I felt that since you guys did pay for the class I went on with it and did what I was there to do. Paid or not I was not going to let anyone down that had nothing to do with the scam. I hope that everyone does what they need to do to get back what is rightfully theirs. As far as myself, I will only do classes that are put on my myself, o2b2 (Koren and I) or something I truly know is legit.  Let this be a lesson to myself some scams are big enough to fall for but there will not be a next time.

I do not regret making the 4 hour drive to see everyone because you are the reason I was there. Not LA Glow or The Hollywood Beauty Event. I really don’t want to say much more since I was not informed and all my info is from what I see online.  You guys are really important to me and I would never be part of something that would scam anyone. I am an educator, a believer and I love you!

Not all is lost. Things that you learned in the class you can take with you. The instructors were there to teach and that’s what they did.  Please turn this lemon into lemonades as I have.

Side story: On my way home I was so thirsty I had some Gatorade and wasn’t able to close the lid tightly cause it was a bigger bottle. I was totally unaware. ..So it spilled onto my camera and my entire purse(soaked in green Gatorade). So I am also out $500 for the camera alone.   I am out a camera which I was really upset about last night.. verge of tears and frustration because it just got it a year ago and those things are not cheap!! The good news my purse dried and I am just hoping my camera will do the same. I did not sleep well last night.. all I could think about was my dumb green purse and broken camera. If I didn’t go to the event I would have never met all of you guys. <3You guys made me smile and I had a lot of fun with you all.  I can’t wait to see you guys at IMATS .. #219 hahaha  Stay positive and find all the good in this past crazy weekend.

Karma has a funny way of working so I am sure it will all work out. Let’s all be positive and take what we learned yesterday and  build our business!! MakeUp and Hair  Artists Unite!!!





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