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April 2012



Shhhhh…. I have a Secret for you! L’Oreal Studio Secret Anti Dull Primer Review

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Price: $12.99


Where to Buy: Drugstores and anywhere L’Oreal is sold


Pros: Evenness of skin, consistency, and overall look on the face


Cons: Did not last all day


Packaging:  Skinny bottle with a pump. You can see the product color. You receive .68 fl oz. There are 3 shades in the line. The one shown in picture is for medium/deep skin tones.


Review: I have always walked by this product and wonder what it was last to try it. For some reason I never picked it up. The consistency of the product is good. Not to runny or thick. You can easily apply it with fingers if you want. I do like that you can wear it alone and not have it look pink or salmon color. It really blends nicely. It has a little bit of a glitter to it. Nothing that is chunky but you can see it when you hit the light just right. When you pump it out you get a decent amount of product. I usually just pump it into my fingers and apply to my face like that. I found that it really helped blend and smooth the product. I also like the fact that you can see how much you have used because the bottle is clear. I did feel that it made my skin radiant instantly but I did feel that it lost the luster after a few hours or by lunchtime. I did feel like it was more of a primer verses skin brighter.


Overall: I am not over the moon in love with this product. I do feel that it gets the job done. I feel that if you have a deeper skin tone than mine it may not have any effect on you. I think they should expand on the shade range to fit a few more skin types.


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