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April 2012



Sebastian Penetraitt Strenghtening and Repair Shampoo

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The Sebastian Penetraitt Strengthening and Repair Shampoo is said to strengthen stressed hair against damage caused by chemical treatments, heat damage, and environmental elements.  It is said to reduce breakage and remove impurities leaving your hair clean, soft, and bouncy.  It is also marketed as Color Safe.

When I tried this shampoo, my hair was rough and damaged from years of coloring my hair.  My first impressions when I first tried this shampoo was that it smells like Pantene!  After running it through my hair evenly I found that it rinsed out very well and left my hair feeling clean and with residue or left over dirt.  After conditioning, rinsing, and then styling like normal, I found that my hair felt healthy and more hydrated.  I would say that it does what it is marketed as in regards to the repairing and strengthening your hair as well as the clean, soft and bouncy part.

The thing that concerned me about the shampoo was that it did fade my red hair after just one washing.  So I would say that they missed the mark and it is NOT color safe…at least for red heads, as this is the hardest color to maintain.

If you aren’t trying to keep your hair color intact and you just want to repair your damaged hair, then  this is a good shampoo.

Retails $10.99-$29.99

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