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April 2012



San Diego Magazine Home Edition Behind The Scenes

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Last month or soo….I had an amazing opportunity to work with San Diego magazine as an assistant stylist to my friend Jessica and it was so much fun. Very different from makeup but still so much fun. It is a lot of work but such a wonderful reward at the end of the day. There is so much that goes into a shoot .. so mind blowing. This may be something you forget when you flip through a magazine but when you are there.. it really just makes the pages come to life. So remember that the next time you flip through your fave magazine. So much preparation and creativity is flowing for these shoots and it is all for you.

Everything was shot in La Jolla (San Diego) so the entire closet came out of a trunk.  So glad we pulled that off 😀

The entire team was such a joy to work with and I hope to see all of them soon. So much fun!!!!

Here are some photos I took of the day.

San Diego Magazine Home Edition








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