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April 2012



MAC Prep & Prime Skin Refined Zone Treatment… Primer or Skincare????

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Price: $20


Where to Buy: www.maccosmetics.com


Pros:  Controls oil, helps makeup stay put, non greasy

Cons: Can tend to go to matte on the skin


Packaging: Black squeeze. The cap unscrews to reveal a skinny nozzle.  There is .5 Fl OZ. of product. There is only one color, which dries to a clear finish.


Review: I was unsure what this product was in the beginning. I was not sure if was a primer for the face or just an added skin care product to use when you have breakout. I used this before my foundation but after my moisturizer. I really like the way it felt on my skin. I did see a reduction in my pores. I really felt like  it was a primer for my face. I like it more if not better than the MAC Prep and Prime for the face. The directions on the box says that you use this before Prep and Prime for the face. I just felt like that is too much for my face. If you have super oily skin maybe that would work. Using this alone was just fine for me. I also felt that this really helped keep oil and shine at bay and made my foundation stay on longer. The only con ,which for me is not a con but just a warning, I did find that it made my foundation stay matte on my skin. I love that look but others may not. If you have drier skin, I would just suggest using it on your T-Zone.

Overall: I like they way it feels, It glided on smoothly and stayed on all day. I really felt was a good substitute for primer.  This is a good skin care Item that doubles as a primer. It is something to check out if you like the matte look. If not than just use the MAC Prep and Prime for the face.


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