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April 2012



L’Oreal Youth Code SPF 30 Day Lotion Review

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 At first glance at this product, I was a bit confused on what this product did.  First of all the box tells you a lot about the skincare line but not much about what product is in the box.  There is a very small space on the front of the box that actually says that it is a Day Lotion and is disproportionate to the name and information of the product line, Youth Code.  And there was even less about what makes the Day Lotion different or even what it is expected to do.  I found it much easier to find out about this product by going to their website then I did looking at the product sitting in front of me.  I was not very impressed by the packaging.

Despite the problems with the box I tried this product.  I like the actual packaging inside the box.  It has a pump delivery system.  It puts out just the right amount of product. However, looking at it you believe you are looking at the product through the clear packaging, but in reality the product is incased in a white packaging.  So you don’t really know how much product you have left.

The lotion itself is very nice.  It is moisturizing without making you feel greasy.  It does have a cooling effect.  I don’t know if it did anything as far as reducing stress, fatigue and aging, but my skin felt very nice.  I liked how it provided a well moisturized palette for my foundation.  Overall it is a good moisturizer that is great for waking you up in the morning.  Despite the packaging flaws, I highly recommend the product!

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