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April 2012



Life Therapy Everyday Handcream Review

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The concept behind this hand cream line is interesting.  It has five different scents that are geared towards different moods.  They are Flirt, Chill, Escape, Vacation, and Play.

The Lifetherapy website says that Flirt is “innocent, playful – open with water flowers and bergamot and softly adds the mild notes of coconut, muget, and rose.”

Chill says “subtle, peaceful – hint of calming rose with fresh citrus and heliotrope ending with dry amber and vanilla.”

Vacation says “sexy, warmth – exotic scent of white orchid and sandalwood combined with Polynesian coconut.”

Escape says, “clean, crisp – sparkling top note of pineapple leaf, inviting aroma of gardenia ending in sensuous musk and palm bark.”

Play says, “feminine, youthful – notes of marsh grass and sweetness of fresh jasmine, burst of red orange to awaken your senses.”

I tried both Vacation and Escape. My thoughts about the smell of each were:
Escape reminded me of some old french soap from my childhood.  It reminded me of grandma, very floral, fresh, and clean.  I believe it is supposed to be an escape from the world. Might be good after a bubble bath.

Vacation was amazing!  Out of the packaging it smelled like baking, Sonic’s coconut shake, and the beach all wrapped in one. After rubbing it in it was not as sweet and was cleaner smelling.  It leaves you with a bottom note of Vanilla extract without much of any other scent.

When I applied it it was thick out of the packaging but doesn’t feel greasy.  It blends in well and makes your hands soooo soft.  It would be great for dry skin as it keeps on moisturizing your skin. Unlike some where it’s just gone after a few minutes, or it rides the surface of your skin and never actually absorbs.

Another great thing is that is not tested on animals.

Retails: $24 from www.lifetherapy.com


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