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March 2012



What your BFF’s need to tell you! GirlfriendsBFF Blotting Paper Review

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Price: $6

Where to Buy: http://girlfriendsbff.com

Pros: Fun, Multi – Use, Durable, Easy to use

Cons: Quantity

Packaging: The packaging is so cute. It is a cardboard compact with really fun designs on it. Not only that but the blotting sheets inside are pleasing to the eyes as well. In every package there are 4 different styles of sheets to spice things up a bit. In totally there are 3 different styles that you can choose from. There are 48 sheets to each pack. In picture shown are the styles for the DIVA and SOPHISTICATED packaging.

Review: The first thing that came to mind when I saw this was Yes; I am out of blotting paper. I was really intrigued by the packaging at first. When I read the back of the package I immediately started laughing. There are directions on the back that you can use the blotting papers for. It is not your average blotting paper. It is a multi- use product, which I got really excited for. I love things are you multi-use. I feel that you get more for your money that way. The papers are just not for blotting your face but you can wipe makeup smudges and blot the grease on your pizza. Yes it does say that! Not only do you get cool packaging but also the blotting papers on the inside are just as exciting as the packaging on the outside. You get 4 different prints, which is fabulous. I was really surprised by the texture of the blotting paper. It did not feel stiff or waxy like others I have tried. This feels like tissues paper. Guess what? It did the job. I was able to get off all of the excess oil off my face without messing up my makeup! Next time I am going to use the hints that they give you.

Overall: I am so in love with this product. It is not only fun but you can do a whole slew of things with it. My only Con to this is that I want more sheets to come in my pack.




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