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March 2012



LA Make Up Show and things

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Hey guys!!!!
I feel like I haven’t been around much and I am soo sorry!!! I have been doing a lot of driving and will be doing that again for the next few days. bleh!!!

I can’t wait to see you all at The Make Up Show!!

Side note.. I am having some allergic reaction to something and my cheeks are reacting big time. :( It has to be blush or some combo :( sigh.. I hope it goes away soon..

Here is my look for today. I wish I had a pic of my outfit.. HELLO black mini skirt 😀

  • I used the Sultra 25mm curling iron for my hair
  • Airbase foundation
  • Loreal infallible lip color in Linda’s Beige
  • A little brown shadow from Yaby
  • Stila duo highlight
  • Anastasia brow powder
  • Velour Lashes “lash in the city”
  • Blazer -Papaya

I look so tired.. I barely slept and soo much driving :\



Some flowers I took photos of while waiting in the lobby for my meeting 😀





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