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March 2012



Candy Please! Nail Candy by Motives

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Price: $5.25

Where to Buy: On line at http://motivescosmetics.marketamerica.com/

Pros: Color Pay off, Wear time

Cons: Chip Prone, Color can fade

Packaging: The polish bottle is square. It is a thick clear glass that you can see the polish clearly. There is .05 fl oz, which is standard for nail polish. The color that is shown in photo is Laguna Beach. There are 26 colors in the current collection.

Review: I was really excited to try this polish. The color looked amazing. It is a pearly shimmer polish. This color is a very beautiful teal color. The color and the name remind me of a mermaid color. The color pay off is fabulous. You get a lot of color in one coat but just like almost every other polish you need at lest 2 coats to come to full potential. The first coat when on like a dream, there were no strikes or anything just a simple coat of polish. The second coat packed a little bit more punch of the color. The color looked a little creamy but when applied to the nail it is not. The wear time for this polish was pretty good it lasted about 4 days before I really saw in huge chips. With that being said, it did chip with in 24 hours. I washed dishes, did laundry and other house hold duties and I did notice a little chip on the mail but nothing that was really noticeable. If you are not hard on your nails than they will last a long time. I also notice that when you have the polish on for more than 3 days the color can look a little dull. I always apply a topcoat every 3 days any way to keep my polish look fresh.

Overall: I like that polish for the price and the consistency. I feel that it is a polish you should try if you are looking for something new. Not only are there are some really fun colors it is also good for the nails being free of DBP.

Name Melissa E.
Twitter: msmakeup1829
Blog: http://confessionofamakeupjunkie.blogspot.com/
YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/msbsbbtl






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