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February 2012



Sultra Clip-In Feather Extention “Boho Breeze”

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Price: $30

Where to Buy: Nordstrom, Amazon.com


  • quickly reversible
  • very long feathers


  • not recommended to wash
  • large snap is hard to conceal

Packaging: The feather extension I received (Boho Breeze) is a turquoise, tan and brown extension that came in a plastic reusable box. The box reminds me of a corsage container so there’s little chance of your cargo being damaged while stored. I like the packaging.


I love feather extensions! I got one put in at a local beauty school on the cheap but that was back in summer. This is a super fun way to enjoy a feather for just the night and is easily interchanged to another section of your hair (more/less prominent) or taken out altogether.

If you have thick or voluminous hair, or longer hair, this extension is perfect for you. If you have thin, flat hair, the snap that holds the feathers to your hair is going to be visible unless you invest some effort to disguise it with teasing or curling. It’s doable, though!

Overall, feathers are fun and this takes all the commitment out of it. Wear the feather to an event and take it out when you’re done. No fuss, no hassle. Love it.







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