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February 2012



Not Paula Dean’s Butter… BUTTER LONDON Nail Polish Review

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Price: $14

Where to Buy: www.butterlondon.com

Pro -wear time, colors, consistency

Cons- you have to use nail foundation and topcoat to get the maximum usage.

Packaging: It is a rectangular narrow nail polish bottle with a removable cap. When you take off the cap it exposes the original nail polish lid that is circular. The brush is a standard brush that is long. I feel that the bristles on the brush are good quality because there is not any skips when using the polish and the bristles do not feel rough. There are a lot of colors in this brand along with a topcoat and nail foundation and a matte topcoat. The colors names have some history behind them. For instance, No More Waity, Katie was created when Kate Middleton and Prince William got engaged. Check on the website for complete list of color names. Colors shown on nail swatch from left to right; Dahling,Old Bill, La Moss, British Racing Green,No More,Waity Katie, and Union Jack Black.

Review: I had heard about these polishes about a year ago. At first they intrigued me but the price kept me at bay. I was used to spending at most 8 bucks for nail polish that 14 bucks seemed outrageous to me! Later I found myself looking the same displays at my local shop that carries them and I was hooked. I saw how smooth they look and all of the pretty colors and names I felt like I had to buy some. So I bought 2 of them. I was so impressed on how amazing these polishes glided onto my nails so easily. These colors are so pigmented and creamy that I could use one coat on the nail and it was opaque. I love the color range that they have. They have colors ranging from neutrals to bright and bold to glitter and sparkles. The only draw back is that in order for you to get the full wear time you should pair it with the nail foundation and top to really see the full result of the wear time. When I paired it with another topcoat for me it did not perform well. I felt that the polish lasted for about 2 days before it started to peel and chip. When I got the nail foundation and topcoat it the polish lasted 5 days for me, which I was totally amazed. I washed dishes, clean brushes, and every day normal activities and not happened to my nails. I found that there is a combo pack that you can find with the nail foundation and the topcoat for $25. That is a really good deal.

Overall: I ABSOULTLEY love these nails polished. I must warn you if you get one you will be hooked! They are worth the money. With that I am on my way out to pick up some more!

Name Melissa E.
Twitter: msmakeup1829
Blog: http://confessionofamakeupjunkie.blogspot.com/
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