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February 2012



Cover GIrl Smokey Shadow Blast Citrus Flair Revew and Swatches

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Another drugstore post awaits!!

This one is the Covergirl Smokey Shadow Blast in Citrus Flair. This dual head shadow pen is a unique and pretty handy. But I wish the actual product wasn’t soo …. smudgy :/

Smokey Shadow Blast Citrus Flair
Price $7.99 or around that price
Availability Drugstores
Pigmentation  High
Texture Cream
Dupes  Similar to Wet and Wild Crayons but different colors
Release Date Available Now
Colors  Orange/Bright Olive Green

Package Images
 twist on the typical shadow crayons.

 Pigmented Streaky
 Soft and creamy  Creases and fades. So use a tiny bit as a base. Not as a stand alone shadow.
 Easy to use on the eyes. But you should spread it with a brush. Roll up only a tiny amount to avoid breaking.  Can’t sharpen. Make sure you don’t roll it up all the way. It will break
 Fades pretty quickly for the price








Overall Thoughts

I didn’t understand why the two sides had different shaped “heads” but I suppose it works just the same. The orange side oxidized on me to appear brown unlike on the tube and on my hand. You can see it above in the images.  They felt just bleh. I wish there was a better way to describe it but I just wasn’t impressed with the way it applied and the color payoff. I personally felt like this one wasn’t as impressive as my recent drugstore purchases such as Covergirl and Wet and Wild Shadow   ohh not to mention the Tattoos.


Do you own this one?What do you think about it?

Purchased by me



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