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January 2012



Rhinestone Nail Pickerr Uperr From Sally’s Beauty Supply Review and Product Images

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Hey Guys,

I know we are always on the hunt for better rhinestone picking up tools and well… this isn’t one of them. While it picks up the itty bitty stones about 75% of the time I need something that picks up stones at 100% of the time. and pick up larger stones too. Hello!! 3-D nails!!! šŸ˜€

Keep on reading to find out my thoughts on this thing-a-ma-bopper….

sallys beauty supply pickerr uperr review and images

See it in action here

sallys beauty supply pickerr uperr review and images

Available atSally’s Beauty Supplies

Price: $3.99-$5 depending on sales and discounts


  • Better than tweezing
  • Makes life a bit better when it comes to dazzling your nails
  • Saves time
  • Light weight and pretty color
  • ReleasesĀ  stones quickly

  • A bit pricey for a piece of plastic and two rubber stops.
  • Only picks up small stones. 20SS is too big. I know its for nails.. but pooh!!!
  • I found one at my Sally’s so it appears to be popular
  • Easy to lose so keep it in a safe place
  • Works about 75% of the time with small stones.


Beats picking up stones with your fingers, orange sticks and tweezers. I think it is super handy to have around when you need something to pick up small nail stones. Don’t get any thing on the rubber/silicone parts because if you do.. it just doesn’t pick up anymore.Ā  Releases nail stones pretty quickly so that’s a huge plus.

Since I bought it I will continue to use it but if given the second chance I wouldn’t pick it up. I like my other methods .. video coming soon :)




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