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January 2012



Peter Thomas Roth Mega Rich line

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Price: $18 for each of three 8.5 oz bottles

Where to Buy: Sephora, Drugstore.com


  • unisex
  • luxurious


  • expensive
  • no travel sizes!



Packaging: is nice and has a medical-aestethic, that is to say, it looks like something your doctor would give to you. It looks high end, doesn’t look frilly or distracting.



I received three travel sizes of products to try: the “Mega Rich” line of shampoo, body wash and lotion. I will tell you guys about all three, as I received them.


The shampoo (Mega Rich) creates a rich, luxurious, creamy lather and that surprised me from what I had assumed to be a pseduo-medical line of personal care products. I was expecting it to be ‘masculine’ and no-nonsense. I found it to be thickening, which was a con for me since I already have such thick hair but plenty of you will appreciate that. Because of that, I found myself wishing I had a conditioner. It has a unisex clean scent. The next day, I found my hair to super soft and manageable (though I did use a leave-in when I got out of the shower). The shampoo was definitely sumptuous.


The body wash (Mega Rich) reminded me a lot of a Clean and Clear Morning Burst shower gel. It has beads, smells fresh, like citrus and fresh cut wood and lingered on my skin until I fell asleep (I shower at night). It also, like the shampoo, surprised me with it’s richness and creaminess. My boyfriend used it too and said the same thing, it was super creamy, super luxurious and felt almost like an oil on the skin. It reminded me of a non-greasy version of the Neutrogena Body Oil. My skin felt quenched and cared for, not scrubbed and raw. It was very nice!


The lotion was used after the shower and left my skin smelling the most feminine of the three products. It was slightly floral but still contained those fresh notes. I wouldn’t call the Mega Rich lotion a unisex scent. It left my skin soft and comforted.


If I could offer PTR a suggestion it would be to offer these products as a travel kit in a clear zip pouch. I would recommend these products to anyone for travel. They are a pampering way to step up the usual hotel soap and bring a spa experience with you on vacation. But as standalone products, in 8 oz bottles, I think they’re too expensive. I like to rotate through shampoos and find it harder to rotate a shampoo through that is close to $20 with no available conditioner. My two cents.


I loved the samples and think the products are great, I just wouldn’t shell out $54 for the three. If I could pick one, it’d be the body wash. Two, I’d take the body wash and the shampoo. I wouldn’t buy the lotion.








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