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January 2012



L’oreal Age Perfect Golden Balm for face, neck and decollete

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L'oreal Age Perfect Golden Balm for face, neck and decollete review and product top beauty blog

Editor’s note

I am extremely picky when it comes to face creams, I’ve used the same one for at least 6 years but less than 9 (Philosophy’s Hope In A Jar). I tried this out for a few weeks but definitely not long enough to substantiate the age reducing claims. I evaluated this as a night cream to hydrate dry, winter-weather-beaten skin, outside of it’s skin repair claims.


Price: $19.99 MSRP

Where to Buy: drugstores everywhere


  • dense
  • hydrating
  • suitable for daily use


  • somewhat heavily scented for a face cream; it isn’t “unscented”
  • expensive for a drugstore item
  • hard to evaluate anti-aging effects




I think the packaging on this item is great. It looks quite high-end. The cream itself is a peach-colored, dense body butter-consistency and has a floral scent, despite claiming to be unscented. The container is thick plastic with a screw top lid. It comes boxed.



As I’ve said, I am a harsh critic on face products. After several weeks of trial, I began using this cream in an unconventional way. I tried out Julep Maven for a few months an was asked to evaluate the age status of my hands. The options were


5 years younger than my face,

5 years older than my face or

the same age as my face.


I chose 5 years older than my face. Ever since that survey, I’ve been interested in ways to keep my hands looking more healthy and youthful. So I started using the Age Perfect Hydra-Nutrition Golden Balm on my hands. And I really like it! It’s expensive for a hand cream, sure. But I’m really tough on my hands and I feel like the jar really stands up to the beating it takes in my purse. I apply it liberally and the scent becomes less offensive as a hand cream (as opposed to being a facial moisturizer).


The consistency feels rich and almost whipped. It’s not as thick as something weighted heavily with shea butters but maybe has the same consistency as a hair repair mask—a thick conditioner without feeling greasy or too slippery.


As a facial moisturizer, it’s okay. I’m not wowed and I don’t feel like my signs of aging have been reversed. When I use my holy grail product, I can see my circulation improved, my skin has a healthy glow, no weird scent, no oily or dry patches remain and I can visually tell a difference between using it and not using it. This wasn’t the case with the Age Perfect. But I could use the whole tub religiously and still not see an improvement; facial moisturizers are a personal thing, what works for me may not work for you. The scent turns me off to using it on my face but I have been impressed with the richness and density of this cream on my weather-beaten hands and dry skin through the winter. I even use it on my tattoos to help them look a little less aged. Is it working? I guess I can’t answer that question until I get some more aging under my belt.



Overall, I would pick this up if it were on sale 50% off.




Product provided for review consideration


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