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January 2012



Blinc Black Mascara (formerly known as Kiss Me by blinc)

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Blinc mascara review and swatches top beauty blog

Price: $24-25 for .21 oz

Where to Buy: Birchbox website, blincinc.com (company website)


  • Everyday mascara
  • Fool proof
  • Doesn’t go anywhere until you tell it to!


  • Expensive!
  • Not dramatic enough for some, even after multiple coats

This came in my October Birchbox* (that I pay for). I have been intrigued with lash-boosting products since the Fiberwig mascara came out at Sephora about 3-5 years ago. I have tried different ones over the years (Hard Candy, etc) but basically found them to be messy and irritating to my eyes. They’re more work than they’re worth. Then I got a sample of Blinc tube mascara. It’s a large sample (.141oz, about half a normal tube) and came in a twist-top metal package. Packaging of the tube itself is very sleek, a silver matte tube with the color name printed clearly and the seal between the wand and the tube feeling basically seamless. The wand is nothing special–the formula is the main attraction.



This mascara is fantastic. After a few uses, I was sold. Now, don’t get me wrong. This is a specialized mascara and will not replace every mascara. This will not be the only mascara I ever purchase. But as far as these mascara-plus-enhancement products, it’s the best I’ve used.  The technology is this: instead of “painting” your lashes with a coat of waxy black, this product forms an impenetrable “tube” of black around your lash. This means it won’t smudge, run, flake or clump.

What it is: a great every day mascara that will stay where you put it

What it is NOT: a dramatic mascara that will celebrity-ify your lashes.

They will look nice, yes. Will they look like false lashes? No. They’re look like “your lashes but better”. And no moving the formula, no flaws until you’re ready to remove. Removal is simple, soap and water or your favorite makeup remover. It removes in stringy threads (the tattered tubes, I suppose) and doesn’t smear black all over your face. As far as makeup removal, this is clean and easy. It doesn’t take scrubbing or anything fancy. The product looks weird as it comes off but it comes off easily when you are ready for it to do so.


Love it. Will purchase the full size for sure.






*=If you’ve never heard of Birchbox, it’s a $10/mo subscription service that delivers 4-5 deluxe samples to your door based on a beauty survey you complete. They are usually high end samples and come in a super cute bright pink box. If you’d like to learn more, check out my video on my October Birchbox unboxing on YouTube.


Blinc mascara review and swatches top beauty blog


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