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January 2012



5 Reasons to Break Up With Someone Immediately

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Life is hard enough let alone having to deal with the drama of bad relationships. Here are 5 reasons why you should leave them asap! I am not saying its for everyone but these are pretty extreme and happens all the time.

  1. Identity Theft.. or any other theft in fact. If your partner is stealing from you it is time to go
  2. No support during a pregnancy test. If you are alone taking that test while your partner is out having fun its time to consider alternatives. They aren’t there for you now they might not be there for you later.  I mean I don’t expect them to watch you pee.. but you shouldn’t have to do this alone.
  3. Empty promises. If you can list /rattle off 10 things they promise you and nothing has happened.. let’s face it. It will never happen.
  4. Anger, if every time you bring up something oh like Cheating .. and they change the topic and become angry? Its time to go. They are hiding something and it might be much more than you want to know.
  5. Secretive facebook accounts and any other social media outlets. A lot of people live two lives soo if you see them doing things like this it might be time to investigate or have a heart to heart.

What is your break up point? Please share with us :)




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