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January 2012



10 Things NOT To Do On Valentine’s Day

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Life is tough enough but on this “Special Day” it is better to avoid these little things to prevent heartache and headache in the long run. There are some who take this day very serious so let’s over analyze and make sure we avoid these 5 10 things.

1. Don’t go on a first date on Valentines Day.

Sure, it may seem like a good idea but if things go sour.. not only will you remember this person and what happened. But your special love day will be ruined. So to avoid all of that drama.. just make the date another day. Also it puts a lot of pressure on. Imagine being in a room of couples and here you guys   are trying to be cool. It is just easier to take that pressure off.

2. If you are sensitive about this day then consider it just another day.

Work out, eat right (ice cream counts today!) and go do something you love. By focusing on the things you like to do you won’t think about this day that Hallmark banks on. It is just  a day that sucks money out of you and your loved ones. My friends and I use to have a Spitefest day and just have a fun girls day out. Bitch about the men in our lives, talk about movies we love and just have fun.

3. Don’t break up with someone on this day

Not only are you going to have to do the dumping but you are going to hurt this person and it will linger for the next 20 years.. they will hate Valentines day. My suggestion- Do it before the big day so that no one has to scrounge for presents and go through that awkward dinner break up.

4. Eat out at a restaurant

This may seem like a nice idea but imagine the 3 hour waits and the overly priced foods. If you want to eat out pick an alternative day where you two can really enjoy a romantic dinner together.

5.  Red Roses

If you are 100% sure your significant other likes roses then go for it. But if not, be a little creative and pick something that they will love. I’d much rather have one flower that you picked up than a doz red roses you bought at a vending machine.

6.  Try on new makeup or skin care prior to the date.

Shoot.. don’t get waxed, threaded or any other “semi-permanent” treatments because if things go wrong.. allergic reactions and ugly redness won’t go away in time. Better off doing it a week prior in case you need recovery time.

7. Don’t Burn Dinner

If you are making a romantic dinner with a new recipe, better try it out first. On nights like these places get way too busy and you can’t just run out and have dinner at a nice restaurant.

8.  Don’t expect anything

To avoid disappointment don’t expect anything from the night or your date. This isn’t your wedding day (well for most of us it isn’t) so don’t put too much thought into this day. Just have fun and go with it

9. Don’t be negative on this day. Happy Positive thoughts = Happy Positive Day

No joke if you are happy that day.. something about your energy will make it a good day

10. Don’t be sad if you don’t have Valentine

Its just another day. For the last 4 years I have been in NY working so I’ve been alone on Valentines day too. We survive 😀


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