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December 2011



Typing Gloves- AMAZING Winter Must Have!!!

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I love gloves and I love them more when they have bows on it. I have been wearing these non-stop these past few days because its just been too cold to type.  Fingerless gloves are one of the bestest inventions ever.  I can talk, text and type when ever I want while still maintaining some sort of warmth on my hands.

These are a special Pursebuzz limited edition with only a few pairs left I figured i’d better let you guys know now. These are lined for extra warmth!  I also added a few of my faves I found online too. :) Happy Winter Shopping

Available at elessajade.com

Elessa Jade.com $19.99 2 Left!

Elessajade.com $19.99


Michael stars $68.00


Elessajade.com $19.99 2 left!

Betsey Johnson $48


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