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December 2011



Top Costco Holiday Picks

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So right before the Thanksgiving rush I went to Costco to pick up a few little things. I take that back a few big things like apple cider and a vat of mayo.. just kidding. 😀 cause if you know Costco and I am sure you do nothing comes in little sizes.

I found a few items I thought might peak your interest and I snapped up a few quick pics to show you. Starting with .. the famous brush set!!!

Now this brush set isn’t going to make you an over night makeup super star but it will help you understand and build up your collection. If I was going to receive his as a gift I’d be pretty happy> :)


This Hello Kitty fridge warms and keeps food cool. I totally wanted to add one to my cart. I think next time I will…..


I forgot to see how much this one is. I think it was $39.99 ish…

This is the heavy duty version of the Tarte Gift Box. I think its sturdy and makes an amazing gift.

If I was a Barbie going to a party I’d wear this 😀 Just for fun…..

Stila gloss and shadow set. It think this one is $19.99. I can’t tell from my photo. Its a bit blurry. I didn’t want them to think I was a creeper LOL 😀


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