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December 2011



Top 10 Blushes You NEED TO OWN!!

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Here are the top 10 plus 2 bonus blushes that you have to check out. I don’t think you need them all but definitely take a look at buying a pink and coral from this bunch .. you won’t regret it 😀


What are your favorite blushes?

Bonus colors

Idea for intense orange and those who love blush

perfect for sheen and blending other colors

Great variety. Perfect for makeup artists and blush lovers

Intense burst of blush. Not for the shy types

Far left top and bottom<3 yaby. Motives sun is on the bottom row last one.

Perfect for an everyday natural look. Great options and $35 for 4 colors :)

Intense creme blushes. If you have sensitive skin this might not be for you

opp X key got stuck 😀 Soft and perfect for touch ups

Yes you need this. Natural makeup with intense pop

This is perfect for those who can’t decide. Just swipe and use all the colors.

Budget friendly and amazing payoff. Don’t go overboard as this is shimmer city. Major color payoff


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