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December 2011



Prettia Custard Hair.. yeah.. not so much….

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So my wonderful friend Misojenny suggested I try this Japanese brand foam dye since I wanted a new look. I went for the lightest shade I found Custard something.. using my excellent Japanese reading abilities I got as far as opening the box and giving the directions a blank stare. I don’t know any Japanese. After 5 years at Sony and I can’t read a thing :( But fortunately for me …hair dying pictures are universal so .. I followed that and Jenny’s step by step directions. I even made my own stylish apron. Don’t be jealous of it.. just make one and we can match :)

My mom helped me highlight my hair with the foam and then we wrapped half my head in foil and used the blow dryer…



Finished results… a slightly lighter shade of dark brown 😀

and I am off to Down Town Disneyland :D… ok actually that was Sunday. So this post is a weee bit behind. 😀


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