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December 2011



LUSH Cinders Bath Bomb Review

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Cinders Bath Bomb


I don’t know about anyone else but when winter goes here, I go into hibernation¬† mode: books, baths and blankets! Cinders is a seasonal item from LUSH.

Price: $4.95

Where to Buy: lushusa.com


  • two baths if you take the time to cut it in half
  • soothing scent
  • moisturizing feel


  • seasonal item only available certain times during the year
  • half the bomb turns the water yellow instead of orange/red




Cinders is a orangeish-reddish bath bomb. It’s small in size (compared to something like, say, Avobath) but still large enough to get two baths from it (in a regular sized tub). Lush’s in-store packaging consists of bright yellow recyclable paper/waxed bags. They signal fun times to my brain!



So the idea behind Cinders is the warming, soothing sensation of perching near the fireside in the winter. The bomb is formulated with soothing components that make your bathwater feel slippery and moisturizing, like a velvet blanket almost. It’s got a rich cinnamon, vanilla, amber scent and turns the water colors (half the bomb left my water a suspicious shade of yellow…) and provides a crackling pop of the fireplace with Pop Rocks-type technology. This is a luxurious bomb to say the least. You truly do envelope your senses: smell, sound, feel, the look of the colors in the water…what a treat!

Overall, this seasonal item will be a repurchase for me next season. It’s also an easy gift to share with others!








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