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December 2011



How To DIY Hello Kitty Happy Scarf Great Gift!!!

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Feeling in a way better mood today I decided to do a little photo story of my pretend present opening day. I was super bummed cause I watched Katy Perry’s latest music video and it just made me so sad. But today I am back!!!

How to make the scarf

  • Start off with a 60 inch long price of fabric or longer and 15 inches wide or whatever you like
  • Fold the fabric into thirds to see if this is what you are looking for
  • Make a note that each section is 5 inches wide if you are using 15 inches wide fabric
  • I kept it folded to save time. You can open up the fabric and start snipping
  • Place the measuring tape at the 5 inch mark
  • Start cutting. Use fabric scissors for best results
  • Trim wide and small pieces for extra texture
  • Once done repeat on the other side
  • Open up the fabric strip and fix any ares you need to
  • Fold the scarf with the right side on the inside. I left the little white piece cause i needed the length . feel free to cut that off
  • Sew  a straight line, but make sure you skip the first fringe and stop before the second one. I sewed about 1/4 inch after the edge.

Places to get polar fleece- joanns, online, and gasp.. swapmeets!!!

Shop shop at elessajade.com

 Raspberry Beret is available here

Lip Ring is available here

Ahh I am so surprised what did you get me mom?

Thanks this is a lovely scarf. Let’s take some photos..

Warming up.. this is a better shot. Very nice.. I love my Hello Kitty Scarf.. yes it does make me happy….


Aww another present mom.. what is this?? a toilet seat warmer? a hat??? ohhhh a travel pillow.. Good thing I am home for 65 days. But when I am back on my travels I’ll take her with me and wear it just like this!

Thanks mom


but i dont wanna travel no more…

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