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November 2011



Sexy Holiday Eyes Make Up Class and Gift Giving

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Out Of The Beauty Box San Jose  Holiday Class will be amazing!!! And I hope that you all will be there. Well.. a few cause this is going to be a small class. 😀

This will be an intimate class where I talk about Holiday looks, do a demo and then it is gift giving time. If you would like to do an exchange with the class you totally can. Bring in one time no more than $10 and we can play a game. This class is $99 dollars but the bestest part!!! I am going to be surprising everyone with Pursebuzz Goodie Bags well over $99 just because it is the holiday and it is time for giving!

This class must remain small so please sign up as soon as possible and once it is closed that is it. This will be our last O2B2 for a while since Koren and I are pulled into so many directions Traveling has taken a huge toll on us. At least for me it is. He will be doing his amazing K-talk all over the place.  We will not completely cancel O2B2 but we will have fewer cities for 2012.

So sign up for the Holiday Class if you want to Learn how to do a sexy holiday look,hang out with us, do a Christmas exchange and if you are up for it we can all go to lunch after.

I will be selling a few items in class as well so get ready to do a little shopping.

Get ready to see the most amazing purse hangers of your life!




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