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November 2011



Pursebuzz Pink Earring Giveaway!!!

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  • SumoMe

Nickel and Lead Free earrings giveaway. The second I saw this I knew I had to have it on my upcoming store. Just to kick off the fun I want to give one away even before the store opens.

If you are at our Meet and Greet on Friday you can pick one of these up for $7. I only have 18 of these and will be bringing 10 so keep your eyes out for them :)

For those of you in the states.. here is your chance to enter.

Tell me what you are most into right now?

A lot of my friends are into rings. I have been into scarves.. what is your into product this month?

Ends Tuesday Nov 13th.

Open to everyone!!!!



random winner will be chosen..

Sign up to know when the store opens :)

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  1. Sophia Wang
  2. Anonymous
  3. Michelle A.
  4. Jen
  5. Starrieeyedazn
  6. Abbymdza
  7. Ladymyshel
  8. Cerise Patron
  9. Jess
  10. Hannah
  11. Monique Hernandez
  12. Hollertricia
  13. Caterinne27
  14. JoJo Beauty-Guide
  15. Teri
  16. AudreyB
  17. Emmy Weiss
  18. gabrigirl
  19. Emily S
  20. BondgirrL
  21. mlovesbeauty27
  22. Sadia Chowdhury
    • Teri
  23. Teri
  24. Shannon Thompson
  25. Gbriannexo
  26. Lindsay
  27. Teri
  28. Doaa_nasser_08

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