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November 2011



Neutrogena Healthy Skin Eye Perfecter

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In a hurry? Feeling groggy? Want a way to look more awake and lessen those dark circles?

There are a bunch of these products on the market. “Eye brighteners” and concealers that make claims to wake your tired eyes up.

Neutrogena actually does it for not too much money.

Price: $13.99 (shop around for deals!)

Where To Buy: Drugstores, drugstore.com

What it does: Uses salmon pigmentation to cancel out that ugly blue/purple sleepyness under those eyes.

What it does not do: actually wakes you up.

Packaging: Comes in a cardboard/plastic thing, which I don’t like. But it does keep other people’s germy hands out of my cosmetics, so I suppose I’ll tolerate the wasteful extra stuff.

So what do I think of this product? I’m a fan, y’all. How can you really dislike this product? There’s no harsh metal ball to roll, no caffeine, no snake oil, just a simple clicker (similar to Stila lip glaze) to turn product up. I used shade 09 Buff and got great results. I do think it makes me look more awake, even on days where I only used it by itself. So I guess if your shade is on, you can get away without foundation by just blending the Healthy Skin out. I have been using this in conjunction with the Kim brush E112. The product blends at the edges and feathers seamlessly into foundation without being absorbed completely in to the brush.

Notice the nylon brush tip

Even comes with instructions!

Before, see that darkness! Applied after foundation (tinted moisturizer).

Foolproof application

After, looking more refreshed!


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