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November 2011



Flirt! It Curl mascara

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  • SumoMe

Price: $14

Where to Buy: Exclusively at Kohl’s


  • Lengthening & defining
  • Natural looking curl
  • Great for bottom lashes


  • Is it that volumizing?
  • The brush is really sharp! Ouch!
  • Curved wand was a miss for me




Well, what do you know? A pink tube. There’s an illustration of a Archie-type cartoon woman. I feel like Flirt is aiming for what they think women want instead of what we might actually want. And for a mascara, .24 oz is pretty small, right? Diorshow (my favorite) is .36, Buxom Lash is .37. As for the curved applicator, I would love to love this but wow that thing is rough. And sharp! I’ve got a pretty steady hand but I couldn’t help poking myself with this brush and man-oh-man that thing hurts! It’s like a pipe cleaner, almost. Very rigid.



Despite the packaging and design flaws, I gave this mascara a go. I liked the formulation, it was not drippy, goopy or soggy out of the tube; there was a good dryness to the product so I wasn’t left waiting 10 minutes for my mascara to dry. I found the best way for me to apply this was to turn the brush backwards and dab (GENTLY, ladies!) at my lashes with it. I generally find my lashes do not like to curl so I can’t say if it was the mascara or my bad genes but the mascara looked pretty natural (read: it did nothing [except injure me]) on my upper lashes. However, I did discover I really like how this makes my bottom lashes look, especially if I turned the brush “upside down” and dabbed gently at my lower lashes! It wasn’t full drama but it was a nice looking change.

no mascara macro one eye

with mascara macro one eye

none vs one coat
special wand pose
Overall: Not worth $14, I almost laughed when I saw that as the suggested retail. This is a drugstore mascara in sheep’s clothing. Looks cutesy. Trying to apply it will make you grateful for your other mascaras. There are many other mascaras for much less…I’ve been a fan of Hard Candy’s mascaras.

just another drugstore mascara




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