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November 2011



Anastasia – Lash Lifting Mascara Review

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Price: $22

Where to Buy: Sephora, Ulta, Nordstrom both in store and online & Anastasia online

Pros: Super black, lifts lashes

Cons: little volume, wear time

Packaging: Black mascara tube with silver writing. The brush is a medium size with lots of bristles on the brush. There is a lot of space on the brush to help comb through the lashes to prevent clumping.

Review: I really like the fact that it will lift your lashes. The experience I had with this was a mixed one. The formula was super black which is fantastic. With 2 coats of this mascara you really get dark lashes. I did notice a little bit of a lift. My lashes are already curly but everyone could use an extra bit of curl ☺ I felt that my lashes held the curl for a 6 to 7 hrs before I started to notice that my lashes started looking a little lose. There was a little volume but nothing on the dramatic side. The formula is a little bit drier, which is good because there is no runny, gooeyness on the brush. I did not find that this mascara clumped even if you re apply after a few hours or even after a whole day.

Overall: I think this mascara is really good but just don’t look for an all day hold to your curl or even dramatic volume of the lashes. I felt that the end result I had really nice lifted, long, wispy lashes.

Name Melissa E.
Twitter: msmakeup1829
Blog: http://confessionofamakeupjunkie.blogspot.com/
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