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October 2011



Yum Yum Dinner Time!!

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Everyone who knows me .. knows that I love Hello Kitty. I can’t explain why but I love her. She is my soul mate<3 Ok maybe I won’t go as far as saying that but I do love her lots!

So tonight I went to Olive Garden with my bf and his family. Look at what his mom gave me<3 <3 Halloweenie Hello Kitty, I am so excited to add this one to my collection. So if you guys are feeling like sharing please mail Hello Kitty to 123 I love Hello Kitty lane. I will be there to pick her up! :

And followed by some photos of ok food 😀

Stuffed Chicken Marsala (it was ok. I don’t think I’ll get it again)

White Chocolate Raspberry Cheesecake.

This was also ok. Tasted like something you thaw from your freezer. We all shared this because there was no way I could finish this…lol mainly cause it wasn’t uber tasty.


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