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October 2011



Top 8 Types Of Foundations (What is right for you?)

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Finding the right foundation is one of the hardest things about make up. Once you find the right color what about finish and texture? Here are the top 8 types of foundations and what would suit you best.

What Is Your Fave Type of Foundation?


  •  Dry to Oily Skin
  • Comes in a variety of coverage
  • Traditional and easiest to use
  • Best if applied with brush , sponge and fingers. Fingers should be a last resort.


  • Combo to oily skin
  • Feels light weight
  • Most are water resistant so pat dry and its back to life
  • If you have dry skin make sure you use a setting spray so that your skin doesn’t look too dry.
  • Best if applied with dense brush


  • Best for a natural look while still evening out the skin tone
  • Creates the most youthful appearance as it is dewy and sheer
  • Apply concealer in areas needed


  • Can be sheered out with a wet sponge.
  • Great for travel and on the go from day to day. You can create the intensity that you desire
  • Creates a creamy appearance so powder down for a matte finish
  • Best if applied with foundation brush or wet sponge. I prefer wet sponge.Then use it again to spot conceal.


  • Best if applied with fingers and sponge
  • Creates a full coverage and satin feel
  • Unique in texture and you have to finger dip in a jar.
  • Not my fave
  • Tighten jar or you will risk drying it out


  • Great for a quick application
  • Very popular among MAC users. MAC Studio Fix creates a flawless finish in a matter of sections
  • Apply with brush and buff into skin
  • Some may have dual uses. Wet brush to create liquid -cream foundation


  • May be used with airbrush gun to create flawless finish
  • Light on the skin and lasts a long time
  • Comes in silicone, water, alcohol and glycerin base. Don’t use alcohol base on the face
  • My favorite as it is light weight, full coverage and doesn’t sit in finelines

BB Cream

  • Keep in mind that the ingredients in Asian BB and American ones are different.
  • Best if applied with fingers or brush

Products Used in Video


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