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October 2011



Scrub a dub dub – Guy De On Face Scrub

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Price: $26

Where to Buy: http://www.guydeon.com

Pros: The feel and the smell and the texture

Cons: Can leave skin a little drying

Packaging: It has a very unique design. With a flip top lid it makes it easy for the product to dispense. You are receiving 5 fl oz., which I feel is really good for the amount of money it cost.

Review: This is clearly different than your normal facial scrub. Not only does this has dead sea salt as a base which is really good for your skin but it has other ingredients in it that will help smooth and calm your skin. I found this scrub to not only be really refreshing but it was more like a spa treatment in my bathroom. I love the way it smells. It has Rosemary oil and Lavender that helps relax the senses and makes you feel that you are at a 5 star resort spa. The salt in this scrub is not too coarse so it did not irritate my skin. This is a creamy scrub, which will help to lock in moisture and not make your skin feel dry when you wash it off. I found that when I washed it off, for me it felt like it kind of dry out my skin just a bit. Now, I do I have oily skin so this product may have been a little to striping of my own oils but it was not unbearable. I made sure that I used a really thick moisturizer after to not only lock in the softness my skin feels but has helped bring the moisture back to my face. I think this product will be really great for a normal skin type. My face felt really smooth and clean after. I don’t think I have ever felt my skin so clean. My face looked much brighter and healthier. It did not leave a gritty feel or any residue behind as a result of the salt. There is nothing I hate more is a scrub that leaves a film or a salt residue!

Overall: I really like this scrub. Minus the fact that for me it leaves my skin a little drying but I have never felt and seen my skin look so clean and refreshed. The effects of the scrub lasted about 3-4 days.

Name Melissa E.
Twitter: msmakeup1829
Blog: http://confessionofamakeupjunkie.blogspot.com
YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/msbsbbtl


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