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October 2011



My New Sexy PJ’s :)

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hahah gotcha!!!

Contrary to popular belief onesies aren’t all that great.  I had to share my latest and sexiest pajamas because it was totally post worthy.  OMG I bought these at Target for $24.99 because they are uber cute and OMG.. look at the feet.. who can say no? Well it is 1am and I am sweating my arse off in them. I am currently not home and so its either this or my bday suit. Let’s say my bday suit and I do not mix. I’d rather sweat it out .. ok I am being a bit dramatic. I can always get up and turn the fan on or sleep with out the comforter. LOL too many decisions at 1am.. no bueno 😀 But what kind of post would that be?

So here are my sexy jammies from Target. I can give you a few reasons why they are not meant to be and keeping your $24.99 might be the best idea ever.

  1. Ultimate wedges
  2. Potty breaks are a bizatch
  3. So hot.. soo hot
  4. Walking in them is a pain, I have to pull up my “shoes” every time I walk. I can’t get a smaller size cause.. well refer to #1 :)

Will I return them? Heck no.. I stood my ground when my partner said no when I bought them… and I am determined to prove that they are way cool!

Do you own onesies? Thoughts?

Ok.. back to reading my book Baby Proof night all


Elessa :)



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