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October 2011



Living With My Big Visible Flaw

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I have flaws, actually we all do. To be quiet honest I haven’t met a flawless person… ever. And it’s always good to remind yourself that it is ok to have flaws/imperfections and that is what makes you unique. While I won’t ever say that cosmetic surgery isn’t the answer I will say that my flaws are something I have learned to live with.  Shoot if I had the opportunity for some plastic surgery that wouldn’t go wrong I’d say “sign me up!” but that is not what this post is about.  It is about my uneven eyes.

We have a variety of readers here and on any given day one of us will feel down about ourselves. Perhaps it was some chain of events that led them to feel that way or just a thought that popped into their minds. Either way, we all have felt down about ourselves.

Today, I am going to talk about one of my struggles. Born with two different eye shapes. When I first started doing tutorials back in 2006 I had a lot of comments about how my makeup was uneven or too high. Actually up until this very day I get comments about my uneven eyeshadow application, but what they are seeing is my creative way of manipulating my two different shaped eyes to look semi-even. But as you can see, I have no choice. In order to soften the look of my odd ball eyes I have to take it up to blend in and look somewhat symmetrical. Okay, now that I have told you.. I am sure its something that you will see every time you look at me now 😀 It’s ok, I joke about it all the time, so no harm done.

Lets go back a bit to when I was younger. When I was growing up I loved makeup but every time I put eyeshadow on it was clear that one lid was thicker than the other. So you could see color on one eyelid and not the other. 0_O  So I was told by a lot of people including makeup artists that I probably wouldn’t be able to wear makeup the same way you see in the magazines if at all. Can you say.??. “SADNESS!!” So not only was I made fun of for being “Chinese”, ugly and every other mean Asian comment you can think of I didn’t even have Symmetrical Eyes. You can imagine the sad feeling inside as a kid? Outcast and alone.

* at least close to one another in shape, left or right doesn’t matter* 😀

So fast forward to now.. I found a way to create the illusion and its been working great for me.  So that sad part in my life where I was told I can’t wear makeup is gone!! Whoo hoo!!! And it is all because one makeup artist at MAC believed in me and slathered on the purple and pink shadow on me. There was no turning back after that.  Thank you ma’am!!!

So at the end of the day I have learned to live with it yes, and I have also learned to not bring attention to it too :)So the next time you look in the mirror and see two different eyes.. remember you are NOT alone. Practically everyone I know has different eyes. Some are not as noticeable but no one has the same exact size and shape.

If you ever feel sad and blue about your appearance remember that you are not the only one and there are others who feel the same way you do.  Love yourself on the insides and that beauty will shine. It’s cheezy as all can be but it is soo true. When you are ugly inside that inner feeling will create a cloud around you outside.

~Using the latest MAC shadows. I will have a break down soon of the orange and green eye. The other one was a fail. Those shadows need a colored base to give them that special pop!~




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