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October 2011



La Jolla Cove and Other Areas (Saturday)

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This Saturday was my day off and I was super excited to venture out to La Jolla. My day started out at The Cottage, La Jolla where I enjoyed delicious Stuffed French Toast. This french toast is typically stuffed with strawberries and since I am allergic I had to alter it a bit. They turned it into the ultimate breakfast. This french toast was stuffed with Bananas, Mascarpone cheese and then I put a bit of peanut butter inside.  Drooling yet? Haha I was in heaven<3

I am going to have to make this at home on my griddle. I fricken love my griddle!!

Lol my mocha was all messy when it was delivered so I didn’t bother to photograph it. Somehow it managed to get into the photo .. I think my lipstick stain gives it away that I couldn’t wait to have a taste asap!

After that we took a stroll to The La Jolla Cove area. I don’t think this is exactly La Jolla Cove but close enough. I was so excited when I saw some seals. I will have to make a trip out there again in the winter when they actually come out of the water to play.

xoxo Elessa

Ombre skirt with cool sleeved top is from Sydney. My messenger bag/camera bag is from Harrods at Heathrow Airport.

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