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October 2011



KIM Brush: F251 Product Review and Swatches

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So you know how sometimes you just don’t want to bother with makeup? That’s how it’s been for me the last few weeks. Staying up too late, getting up too early…I just don’t want to fuss with it. But my skin isn’t perfect naturally and I like to show a slightly-better-than-real-life version of myself to the general public so I’m looking for easy, “breezy” ways to simply my routine as summer wraps up and fall darkens things up.

My favorite brush to date has been the MAC 188. It’s a good liquid foundation brush, small-to-medium sized, good craftsmanship, durability and it’s brand reputation precedes it. You stipple with the skunky bristles of artificial hair and it makes your liquid look seamless and leaves you in control of the buildability (is that a word?). You can either dot and swirl or just dot in the same way you’d blend out concealer, only instead of a small brush, you use your stippling foundation brush. Well, I think my 188 has earned a rest and the KIM F251 has been picking up the slack.

What is it supposed to do? “A large round brush designed specifically for application of wet make-up. The white synthetic and soft hair combination allows for maximum color and liquid retention.” Let’s break this down.

Price: $39

Where To Buy: Kimbrushes.com

Packaging: This came in a plastic, disposable sleeve. I wondered if I would have preferred a reusable plastic sleeve but decided anyone who’s willing to pay for a brush this expensive probably has a better way to store them (apron, brush roll, etc). So the packaging was fine. They look like all the other professional grade brushes (MAC, Crown, Sigma) with black, sturdy handles that feel solid without being bulky. They’re balanced well, I haven’t found any wrist fatigue, despite the size of the brush. It definitely falls under the “simple classic” look, which I just LOVE.

What it’s for: The brush itself is an instant classic. If I’m applying foundation, this brush makes the cut every single time. It’s large so I can get my foundation done quickly. I can swirl the edges into all those nooks and crannies. I find the foundation has everything to do with coverage and the brush does its job no matter the quality of the product.

What it’s not for: applying concealer, precise eye shadow or powdered products. These have not yielded great results for me. Maybe not a trainwreck, but beyond the scope of this particular brush. It does do a nice wash of color with creamy-ish powdered eyeshadows (Wet N Wild’s Walking on Eggshells “eyelid” color, in the MAC Naked Lunch color family)

I have okay skin without makeup (and I do go without about half the time) but it’s no fun to do an intense, skilled eye look without an equally skilled foundation application. It doesn’t look finished. It looks sloppy. This brush belongs at my vanity and brings me the professional results to match my eyeshadow skill, even in a basic way (single wash of color on the lids and tinted moisturizer).

Is this different than any other stippling liquid foundation brush? I personally have never seen such a large brush (20.5mm=almost an inch in diameter) . Even the 187 (the larger of the two MAC stippling brushes) is purported to be 16mm in diameter. They’re pretty comparable but I’m gonna say the KIM 251 is larger. It’s like a blush-brush-sized stippling brush. I like the way it feels in my grip and I feel like the quality of the brush is excellent. It hasn’t been shedding but I would recommend taking care of your investment with a brush cleanser and brush guards. Nothing worse than paying for (after ruining it) a $40 paperweight.

So if you have a medium stippling brush and have been thinking about simplifying or you would like an unusual brush to add to your collection, check out the KIM Brushes F251. I can’t imagine my liquid foundation without it.

No makeup

Finished, applied with F251


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