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Jesse’s Girl High Intensity polish swatches, dupes and review

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(from left: Fireflies, Confetti, Center Stage, Glee, Spring Break)


(one coat)

(two coats)

Price: $2.99

Where to Buy: Rite Aid


  • Inexpensive
  • Accessible
  • Easy to store (rectangular bottles)
  • Wide brush


  • Limited color selection, would love to see more!




I am a big fan of the Jesse’s Girl packaging. It’s got an easy to store rectangular bottle with an easy to open top. One minor complaint is the names of polishes. Sometimes (like with Fireflies for example) the white print is small and can be hard to read. I am a fan of having the color on the bottom, in large print. Not a big deal but worth mentioning, nonetheless.

The brush is average width and makes application easy except with some darker colors like Center Stage, over-applying can occur.


I like Jesse’s Girl polishes because they are inexpensive. It makes it easy to try 5-6 colors instead of having to hem and haw over which ONE polish I want to try from a more expensive collection. It can be a low-risk way to try a color you wouldn’t have otherwise sampled (for me, Center Stage is way out of my comfort zone).

I looked through my polish collection to find the closest match I had (or sometimes just those popular colors that might be close, in the same color family). Often times seeing a swatch isn’t enough and a comparison swatch can be helpful.

This was super informative to me and I hope it will be for you too!

So we’ll start with the thumbs:

(which one is which?)

(thumb-Glee, pinky- YMOMC)

This is Jesse’s Girl “Glee”, a super pretty turquoise microglitter/shimmer with green/gold reflects. It’s a perfect mix of blue and green. I found I had an exact dupe in my collection: Zoya’s Charla ($8) is a 100% match for this color. So if you can’t find Glee (is it a limited edition?) or if you already have Charla, you won’t need this color. But the other side of that coin is that Charla is available all the time. The only other color I had that was the same color family was OPI Yodel Me On My Cell ($8.50 if you can find it) from the Swiss Collection. Glee is much prettier, in my opinion. It’s more shimmery and more of a green. It also has more gloss. In fact, Glee makes YMOMC look almost matte. And the glitter in Charla is more rough feeling on the nail than Glee, so Glee wins in the price, nail-feel and gloss categories. So I’m a fan of Glee, no question.

(top-Spring Break, bottom-[Rumple Wiggin’, light. Caitlin, dark])

Next swatch: Spring Break. This is my favorite color out of the polishes. I am a huge lavender person. The two lavenders I had in my collection were Zoya Caitlin ($8, got it in a Birchbox a few months ago, so probably a lot of people have this color) and OPI Rumples Wiggin’ ($8.50) from the Shrek Collection. The Jesse’s Girl polish is the superior color. It’s so creamy, so smooth and two coats make it look perfect on my nail. Zoya Caitlin is too grey and dusty (and the formula is too thick) and Rumples Wiggin’ looks washed out. Spring Break is the best lavender color I’ve found. I would def recommend this color. If you were only going to pick up one color from Jesse’s Girl (aside from JulieG, of course!), get Spring Break! It’s so pretty.

(top-Center Stage, bottom-I’m With Brad)

Next, Center Stage. This one I immediatelyshyed away from…I’m afraid of those dark, vampy reds. I feel like vampy reds are the classic reds of lipstick: every flaw becomes magnified and the shape of your nail matters intensely. Vampy reds are a lot of work for nails. But they are great for fall and winter when something like Spring Break might seem out of place or adolescent. So I gave it a whirl. This uber-dark polish is darker than brick but lighter than black. I’d classify it as a dark maroon. It’s intensely glossy (and ignoring chipping prevention, I’d say a topcoat is unneccessary!) and applies smoothly and richly. The brush can be overloaded and look uneven so some skill is required for applying. You can do it though! The closest thing in my collection was about an 80% match. OPI By Sephora makes a color called I’m With Brad ($9.50) but again, against the Jesse’s Girl polish, it almost looks matte. The camera flash is making I’m With Brad look shiny but it’s not in real life. The Center Stage color looks amazingly glossy after two coats. I’m With Brad has a bit of copper shimmer (not a lot) but Center Stage is more of a monotone, flat vampy red. I was pleasantly surprised by this color that initially scared me. This is a fall staple and an easy way to get in on that trend.

The next two are probably best-suited as topcoats but they could be standalones too after 3 coats, I think.

(top-Jesse’s Girl, bottom, OPI)

Jesse’s Girl “Fireflies” is an opalescent pinky-gold with lots of shimmer and glitter. I also own an OPI color called Fireflies that is in the same color family ($8.50 opalescent pinky-gold without glitter). Again, I wouldn’t have predicted it but I prefer the Jesse’s Girl as a topcoat to the OPI color because of that glitter and shine. It’s so glossy, there’s no rough glitter feel and it’s two-frickin-ninety-nine. There is literally nothing to dislike. WIN.

Last color, Confetti, a blue-purple glitter shimmer topcoat that has that same smooth feel on the nail despite all the glitter present. I wouldn’t wear this color alone. I might do it as an accent nail on a Spring Break manicure or do glitter tips on a french pedicure. But I can’t get over how smooth it feels while being so chock-full of glitter.


Overall, these polishes are a steal. My top two colors would be Spring Break and Glee but I think Confetti is a worthwhile color too, if that’s a tone you find yourself drawn to. You could pick up all five of these colors for less than the price of one high end (Chanel, MAC, Butter London) polish and have a whole season (or two, or ten) of color!

Look for Jesse’s Girl at your local Rite Aid. DO IT!




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