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Fall 2011 Fashion Jeans

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Jessica Rose Delee, our model Laura Ricci and myself had a great time filming this one for you. Fall Fashion Trends with the focus on pant legs. You don’t have to give up your skinny jeans just yet.. but if you are into trends and want to keep up with what is hot.. here are a few bullets to help you out during your shopping excursions. Isn’t Cecilia Boutique so cute!?

  • Trouser – Elongates and creates a fuller (shapelier) shape and adds length to legs. Loose around the knee area.
  • Skinny Jeans (slowly fading) –
  • 70’s Inspired – Creates a taller leaner figure. Flared legs gives you shape in the right places.
  • Higher waist-ed- Creates a waist line. You can see where your waist starts and hips begin.
  • Baggy and cuffed (my fave.. so I can show off my shoes!!!) Fun but be careful this may make you look a bit sloppy and un polished.

Who is ditching the skinny jeans and who is keeping them alive?

RoseRags has been seen down the catwalk at the Junior League’s Summer Soiree
fashion show. A few select pieces were chosen to represent the summer collection.
RoseRags can also be seen on SanDiego.org, the visitors guide to San Diego.
Jessica says “this is such an exciting time for my line. It’s like a coming out party
for my clothes!”

Jessica Delee has become the resident stylist on the CW channel 6 weekend
morning show featuring her summer line. This upcoming fashion guru is lending
her skills every weekend to share fashion tips to San Diegans. Tune into channel 6
weekend mornings to see the summer collection from RoseRags.


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