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October 2011



Color Club Foiled Swatches and Product Review

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On of my fave Fall polishes comes from Color Club. Known as one of the highly pigmented polishes that will not disappoint. These highly pigmented, smooth and amazing colors have my heart going.  It goes on smooth without any streaks or gaps and that is a huge plus for me.
Grabs on to the nails and after two coats you will have opaque amazing color pay off.

Nail Lacquer ($8.00)

  • Foil me Once- Light Mauve purple with hint of pink
  • Hot Like Lava- Hot pink-red with swirls of silver. One of my faves!
  • Cold Metal- Deep blue with small swirls of silver. Not really visible
  • Perfect Mol-Ten- Leafy green with swirls of silver. A good amount of silver to green ratio.
  • Antiquated- Soft gold with swirls of silver
  • Lumin-icecent-Icy blue with silver swirls
Color Club Foiled Nail Polish
Price $8 (retail)
Availability Online and in selected stores. Try googling for your local locations or use the online site.
Pigmentation  Highly and amazing smooth payoff
Texture Lacquer polish
Dupes  Milani Fall has a few dupes as far as finish goes. Colors may vary
Release Date Oct 2011

Package Images






 Pigmented looks amazing after two coats  Harder to track down than other brands
 Smooth finish, no gritty feeling
 Long lasting. Apply a base and top coat for best results
 Dries pretty quickly. Just a few minutes and its already there!






Overall Thoughts

Each and everyone is a must. I have always loved the foiled look because it’s not too glittery and it’s not too flat. Rumor has it … Ross has these for $7.99 for whole collection. I say rumor because I haven’t seen it myself. But when I raved to a friend of mine about it she mentioned seeing it there. Perhaps it is worth taking a look if you are at Ross already. I personally haven’t seen this brand there but I will take a look the next time I am there.

I am not going to say that these are unique cause I did have polishes like this growing up but it is still my favorite finish. Yes I recommend these!

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