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October 2011



Anastasia Kisses On My List Product Review and Swatches

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OMG high quality hydrating glosses for $5 each. SOLD!!!

This is an amazing price and great quality. I can’t imagine anyone saying no to this deal. Perfect for the following: gift time, works for makeup artists,  and  of course to keep.

I would have to tell anyone who loves glosses to get this!!! Run out and buy it now!!! 5 stars!!!

Kisses On My List
HydraFull Gloss Set $30.00 that is $5 each!!!
$126 VALUE

Drench your lips with this limited-edition set of clinically tested glosses proven to maximize and maintain lip hydration and fullness. Set includes six shades for a truly irresistible pout for any occasion.

Anastasia Hydrafull Gloss
Price $30.00
Availability Anastasia.net, sephora.com and sephora
Pigmentation  Sheer to semi pigmented.
Texture Gel-Like gloss. Not too sticky
Release Date Available Now

Package Images





 Great price for 6 colors. Valued at $127.00. $5 each!!!  If you want bright colors, better put on your lipstick first
 Extremely hydrating. Say by to dry lips  Comes out partially sheer with different finishes and light touches of color.
 Gives off a sexy glass look
 Semi gel like texture. Not really sticky
 Lip applicator won’t fray
 Perfect for makeup artists. The paddle is simple to use and you don’t have to waste the applicator. Just dab on to pallet/pan and use.


Comes with a unique applicator. At first you might be taken back by it but have no fear.. it’s a brilliant applicator. You can use this to trace your lips as a lipliner, reuse as a makeup artist and great for the everyday person.  As a makeup artist just take the applicator to apply the product onto your pan. No need for extra disposables.  Wipe applicator down to be extra sanitary.

Overall Thoughts

I love how it feels on my lips. Very supple and gel like. I find it to be a bit sticky but not the way the traditional glosses are. It has the same texture and feel as other gel glosses. I love the sheer colors with hints of glitter and shimmer because I can wear it with a bright lip or just keep it simple and soft. Overall I would run out and these for my family and friends because it is such a great deal!  It truly does hydrate and soften the lips.

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When I heard the title of this package I just had to listen to this song 😀


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