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October 2011



5 Places To Meet Mr. Right

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Dating is hard enough and it gets harder and harder with each passing day and it is not because we aren’t the fabulous gal we use to be but because of the internet. Less social action is made in person and more time is spent on Facebook, web surfing and other activities that may not include others.  But perhaps dating isn’t getting harder it is just finding a guy to date the “standard” way is just not the same. Here are 5 places you can start off with and see where your fabulous -ness takes you.

1) Speed dating- Don’t roll your eyes at me for this one. I can happily say that I know a couple who met this way and are walking down the aisle in a few months. Here is the trick. Don’t meet the guy who wants to go.. meet the guy who was dragged to go. The guy that didn’t want to go but is there because his friend wanted him to go. This action shows a lot about their personality. It shows that they are supportive of their friend. Shows that they are up for something different even though they don’t want to be there.  And it also shows that they are there to have a good time. Phew the pressure is off!

2) Conferences and Seminars– Looking for someone in your field so that you can have endless chats about the new innovative ways to sell a home? Sit by someone you might be interested in and start up a chat.  Try to catch their gaze and smile prior to sitting down. If they give you a sour face move to the next seat. Say hi and ask them where they are from. Then see where it goes. Don’t be discouraged if it doesn’t go anywhere. This is just the warm up… soon enough you will be able to chat up a storm. Who knows they might have a cute brother or co worker. Works perfectly in a college class. Trust me on this one 😉

3) Never turn down a party- I can tell you first hand that this is a great place to meet people. If you have 3 party invitations that night, stop at all 3. Show up meet and mingle and then leave to the next party. If you happen to run into a guy you like talk to him. Then you can make a fabulous exit by telling him it was nice meeting him and to call you. As you have to leave for the next event.

Cheesy dialogue to get you going…

You-” Oh I have to go. I have another party to go to. My friends all decided to have a party on the same night. Kinda sucks cause I was having a great time here, but I promised them I’d be there.”

Guy- “Oh that sucks, such a bummer.”

You- ” Yea, I am sure I’ll have fun. Hate to cut this short. Nice talking to you. Call me? “

This shows that you are fun, available but not desperate. Because you have other places to go and more people to meet. Miss popular.. you have set up the opening line for him to ask for your number and call you! If he doesn’t.. who cares.. you gotta practice the “call me” tone. It has to come across as ” I had fun, but whatever. Don’t make it seem like you need him to call. But if he did great!” Make sure you touch his wrist on the inner side when you say bye. It sends up a fluttery feeling inside making him want you more.

4) Online Dating- While I have never tried this one I have over 1/3 of my friends who met their partners online and are going (or already) got married.  Their advice is to be honest, open and safe.  And Don’t put all your eggs in this basket. Don’t do this as a last resort to meet someone. Do this as a way to meet new people (friends). If you have the mentality that this is your only hope of finding someone then it will come off as desperate.  Remember that there are others like you who are busy to meet others in traditional ways and this is another way to meet people.

5) Just live life and don’t focus on meeting someone. The places you go and do the activities you love will have singles there too. Sometimes the best time to meet someone is when you aren’t looking. That doesn’t mean to stop dating, just means to stop focusing on your biological clock and have fun.

Not single? How did you meet your partner? Tell us your love story and you might be picked as a featured post.

Go out there and get them girls!




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