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October 2011



10 Things You Need To Bring With You On The Plane

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I hate packing.. I hate unpacking but the one thing I hate most is being unprepared. So after traveling over 30,000 miles this year alone I figured it was time to share my experience with you.

Delays, weather and lost luggage happens but you can be prepared to make your trip as enjoyable as possible.

  • 1) Pack all laptop, phone chargers and any other charger you “need” in your carry on. The main reason for this is .. if you were to have a long layover till your next flight you will need to have that charger. If you miss your connecting flight and have to stay in the location you are at you will not be able to go into your checked in luggage to get your valuable items.
  • 2) Bring extra underwear in your carry-on. When I say underwear I mean the little things you need at night. Most airlines and hotels will be able to provide you with toiletries. So think ahead of all the things you need at night (glasses, facewash and snuggie) and bring it on the plane with you.
  • 3) Bring all valuable items with you. Your fancy shoes, purses, night cream and treasured makeup onto the plane. I have heard of many many horror stories about limited MAC lipsticks gone missing. They might just slip out of the luggage or something. So don’t risk it and bring anything you treasure on board with you.
  • 4) If you are a makeup artist or a makeup fanatic. Bring your makeup on board with you. Bubble Wrap and saran wrap to prevent mishaps. I was careless on my last trip and my MAC Style blush shattered. Keep in mind this was in my carry-on too. Imagine if it was in my checked in luggage. Another time I had to  check my carry-on because the plane was too small. Guess what?  My fave Yaby Blush set shattered!! This didn’t even reach the roundabout. It literally went on the plane and I picked it up curbside. Good thing it wasn’t for a gig. 😀 Follow the 3oz rule :)
  • 5) Bring food with you on the plane. My average flight is 5 -6 hours and during that time they may give you a small bag of pretzels and a small drink. But to prevent anxiety and hunger .. stock up! Don’t rely on airplane food as they be sold out, pricey or just not available
  • 6) Bring headphones or ear plugs. This will help you keep the noise out. Makes the flight oh soo much bettah!
  • 7) Lotion, moisturizers and serums must be put on the face prior to flying. You will shrivel up like a prune if you don’t. Also, anything you put on your face will be a great barrier from the recycled air. So don’t go barefaced. Put some moisturizer on!
  • 8) Anything you need to keep you busy. Books, magazines, movies and music. Don’t rely on the plane to entertain you for the long dreaded hours of the flight. Sometimes you can’t see the movie because of your rockstar seat location, it’s just not what you like.. even worse… nothing at all. Well I guess the worst is when they do have movies but you have to pay an exorbitant amount for it.
  • 9) Take any drowsy medication you need to prior to boarding. I love my motion sickness pills because it helps me sleep on the plane and I am sure my neighbor approves as well. After all no one likes to be puked on. Drunk or sober :D(only if you need it)
  • 10) Bring blankets, lumbar and neck pillow. This is just a suggestion. I will never fly without these!

Have an enjoyable flight and safe travels!

love and bows,

Love, luggages, and jetlagged

Elessa (half asleep at the airport so please forgive my errors)


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